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We provide high quality medical personal protective equipment to Canada’s medical professionals and front line health workers

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Med PPE is fighting back against the global shortage of protective masks, gowns, nitrile gloves and hand sanitizers facing our healthcare workers. We are offering certified Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) across Canada to help reduce the spread of dangerous pathogens.


KN95 masks create a protective seal around the user’s mouth, blocking out unwanted and dangerous particles. They perform similarly to N95 Masks, with identical flow rates, < 8 % leakage, slightly higher inhalation resistance and are tested for filter performance. These masks have been recommended by the Center of Disease Control as an alternative respirator mask to the conventional N95 Masks. 


A medicinal necessity, protective gowns help protect health care practitioners from deadly contaminants in health care settings. They help reduce and prevent the spread of deadly infections or illnesses. These gowns are disposable and meant for single use only. 


These nitrile gloves have been approved for healthcare workers and are ideal for housekeeping purposes, general labour and act as a barrier of protection against dangerous and risky particles and substances. These gloves are designed to provide your hands great ventilation, are acid and alkali resistant and offer wearers anti-corrosion protection. These gloves conform to category 1 PPE standards. 


Hand sanitizers are effective in the fight against bacteria and viruses. They are made according to WHO production standards and are made with an ethanol alcohol base. This is the best way to prevent the transmission and spread of infections, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak.


Having effective and working hand sanitizer stations at regular intervals at your home or business is one of the best ways to prevent the spread of bacteria, viruses and other microbes. We carry several varieties of sanitizer dispensers that will fit the needs of every business.

Personal Protective Equipment
Med PPE Canada
Personal protective equipment is the first line of defence against hazardous materials or workplace environmental dangers such as COVID-19, bacteria and disease transmission.

These are essential resources that help keep our friends and families safe, but also the doctors and nurses who take care of us. Count on Med PPE to keep your health care workers armed and ready to fight for Canada.  

our mission

Respect, trust and support healthcare workers with the tools they need to succeed. By offering a range of medical equipment, we want to ensure a steady and open supply of protective medical gear


Supply Healthcare workers, doctors and nurses with the quality resources they need to fight the spread of illness and disease.


To work hard and collaborate with experts and governments to find the best way to serve our medical community.

Let us help you

We have to work together more than ever before to help reduce and stop the spread of infectious diseases across the world. Let us help you keep us safe. Get in touch with us and we will do our best to help answer your questions and concerns. We’re stronger, together.

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