10 x 50 wipe Med PPE Sanitary Wipe packets


10 x 50 wipe Med PPE Sanitary Wipe packets- $10

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Our antimicrobial sanitizer solution follows the WHO formula and is effective in germs. When water and soap are not available, using a hand-sanitizer that drastically reduces transmission rates and spread of infection is essential. An effective way to keep you, your loved ones or co-workers safe, hand sanitizer gel can be used anywhere from day-care centers, to schools, offices, warehouses and hospitals. Follow best practices, add a job site hand sanitizer dispenser and keep your staff safe and clean.


  • Plentiful and easy to product
  • Formulated to WHO specifications
  • Different packaging options available
  • White labeling available
Weight 2.7 kg
Dimensions 12 × 17 × 24 cm