Disposable Shoe Covers, 4g CPE, Blue 100/pack


  • Disposable Shoe Covers, 100/pack
  • 50 pairs, Blue, CPE, OSFA

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Protective Shoe Covers

Keep floors clean and free of germs.

One size fit most disposable blue shoe covers are ideal to reduce the transmission of bacteria and other environmental hazards. Keep your feet safe and order your shoe covers today. Comes in a pack of 100.

Weight 0.272155 kg
Dimensions 23.495 × 23.495 × 7.62 cm

Medium, Large, XL

CDC and FDA authorized PPE Gowns

Equipping frontline health workers with the protection they need.

It’s imperative that frontline workers like nurses, doctors and extended care workers are responsibly protected. During the pandemic it would be irresponsible to send your staff out without the proper certified equipment to do their jobs. Gowns help reduce the spread of viruses through bodily fluids and other means. Our gowns have been authorized and certified for immediate use by the FDA and are a recommended piece of equipment by the CDC.

Importance of medical gowns

They are essential for health care providers during the pandemic. As a personal protective equipment, they help protect health care providers against respiratory droplets and to slow the spread of the disease.